Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry has come a long way since its traditional beginnings and so did wholesale pearl jewelry.  While remaining classic, its signature trademark, pearl jewelry has gotten more modernized in recent years.  Never losing its glamour and effortless elegance, it continues to reinvent itself by embracing bold and edgy designs seen across runways and out on the streets.  Likewise, wholesale pearl jewelry is mirroring this shift by diversifying its selection.  Rather than opting for stranded necklaces and dainty stud earrings, wholesalers are now going after unique pearls mixed with silver, gold, brass, and other materials.

In continuation, we will cover five categories of wholesale pearl jewelry and how they evolved over time.

1. Wholesale Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces have gotten a spectacular update since the Hollywood old glamour days of Grace Kelly and wholesalers reflect that.  Today, wholesale pearl necklaces are quite daring with metal chains, big pendants, and uneven pearls.  We see more and more baroque and keshi pearls playing out nicely on neck chains.  Mother of pearl is also very popular with wholesale pearl necklaces, especially as a pendant.  Unique pearls, overall, are a big statement in the industry.  Yet, with all their contemporary flair, pearls continue to be as timeless as ever, justifying their longevity in the wholesale pearl jewelry industry.

Pearl Necklace by Foxy Pearl Jewelry

Infinity Link Necklace Silver by Foxy Pearl Jewelry


2. Wholesale Pearl Earrings

Dainty pearl studs are everyone’s jewelry box essentials, but they are no longer the only wholesale pearl earrings out there.  Long drop earrings and oversized studs are appearing more and more on a wholesale pearl jewelry display.  Within the last couple of years or so, fashion designers have placed the focus on ornamental pearl earrings but also on adding details to the traditional pearl earrings.  This includes extending silver and gold features around the pearl stud whether it’s a flower, geometric figure, or anything else.  The options are limitless.

Pearl Earrings by Foxy Pearl Jewelry

Sunflower Pearl Earrings Gold by Foxy Pearl Jewelry


3. Wholesale Pearl Rings

Wholesale pearl rings have undergone significant transformation as well.  They’ve exceeded the look of one perfectly round pearl sitting on the silver or gold band.  The latest wholesale pearl rings have multicolor and different sizes and shape pearls mixed with other stones too.  Whether it’s a cocktail or a basic ring, there is a boundless variety.  One of the reoccurring themes in jewelry generally is animal motifs, predominantly snake due to its symbolism, so today’s wholesale pearl rings also include snakeskin bands.  In addition, there are other jewelry techniques employed in wholesale pearl ring designs these days such as engraving and filigree work, for instance.

Pearl Ring by Foxy Pearl Jewelry

Perla Filigree Ring Silver by Foxy Pearl Jewelry


4. Wholesale Pearl Bracelets 

Wholesale pearl bracelets have also restored their look by expanding beyond one strand of pearls.  Nowadays, they come multistranded with charms, pendants, and a mix of metals.  They can be bulky or dainty, but they are more stylish and alluring.  There are also wholesale pearl bracelets (and necklaces too) that are made of half of the pearls and half of the beads or half of the pearls and half of silver or gold chains.  The contrast gives it a playful look.

Pearl Bracelet by Foxy Pearl Jewelry

Naga Pearled Bracelet Gold by Foxy Pearl Jewelry


5. Wholesale Pearl Pendants

As mentioned previously, wholesale pearl pendants are now more sizable and ornamental as opposed to a fragile round or teardrop-shaped pearl falling down your neck.  They include mother of pearl, baroque, keshi, and cornflake pearls, and most definitely gold and silver details.  And sometimes, all of these mixed together too.  But regardless of whether they’re statement or delicate pendants, wholesale pearl pendants are focused on a decorative aspect and artistic creativity.  The personal touch is what it’s all about.

Pearl Pendant by Foxy Pearl Jewelry

Sunflower Pendant Silver by Foxy Pearl Jewelry


If you are interested in the wholesale prices and would like to receive more information, please contact us at info@foxypearljewelry.com.

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