Turquoise: The Powerful, Sky-Blue Gem

Turquoise Jewelry

So, how about the gem that has a color named after it?! Well, that’s just how cool turquoise is, you know…

Its striking sky-blue color has been admired for centuries. From Ancient Egyptians to Native Americans, from court rooms to tribal ceremonies, turquoise has been celebrated and praised for its extraordinary powers.

Although its signature color is sky-blue, the gem does exist in greenish-blue and apple blue colors as well. The eye-catching sky-blue color is often referred to as the “Persian Blue” as Persia is turquoise’s country of origin. Turquoise’s name, however, is a French word for Turkish since the gem was first transported from Iran to Europe through Turkey.

TurquoiseNowadays, turquoise is mined and produced in various countries including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Tanzania, Afghanistan, China, Israel, and United States. It is ranked between 5.0 and 6.0 on Mohs scale of hardness.

More so than just jewelry, turquoise is also used in various decorations and ornaments. Its translucent and opaque materials give this stone a beautiful look that can adorn just about any object.

Historically, turquoise has been highly regarded as the stone of personal protection against negative forces and praised for the good luck and fortune it brings to its wearers.

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