The Fire of Topaz


One of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry, topaz is also one of the largest ones found in nature. It is also fairly available.

TopazWhile topaz can come in different colors, the most recognizable one is golden orange to yellow, officially known as an “imperial topaz.” Most rare is the bright blue, which on the other hand, is frequently used in jewelry. It is unusual for topaz to be blue, because in order to display that color it is treated with heat. The blue color that it produces is always light, not deep blue like sapphire or tanzanite for example.

Topaz mines and production sites are pretty spread out in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Australia, United States, and Russia. Apart from being sizable and abundant, topaz is also a durable and pretty hard stone. On Mohs scale of hardness, it ranks at 8.0.

For thousands of years topaz has been a household name in many cultures and considered as a powerful stone. Even its name suggests it as it comes from the Greek word “topazion” meaning fire. Similarly, therefore, it is associated with creativity and passion and it is believed that it guards one from all sorts of dangers weather physical or emotional.

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