Seven Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands That You’ll Love

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Minimalist jewelry is as popular as it’s ever been. And even if it isn’t an entirely new fashion concept, it’s been only about five years since it started gaining significant exposure. Partially due to bloggers and celebrities alike, this type of jewelry saw a lot of press coverage beginning 2014 onward. Many brands built their name around it and still do to this day.

Overall, minimalist jewelry is probably everyone’s safe choice as it’s welcome in the office and corporate world, just as much as at the cocktail parties, or out on the streets. Given our busy lifestyles, we’re often forced to be transformational and flexible with our style. And this is where minimalist jewelry comes into play.

But don’t get fooled! The term minimalist does not allude to the lack of self-expression by any means. Quite the opposite, in fact! There are masteries when it comes to minimalist jewelry that allow you to create various different looks. Whether it’s mixing and matching, layering, shape play, or anything in between, you can choose which direction to take. From essential basics, to timeless elegance, to street looks – minimalist jewelry has it all! It’s a perfect balance between rebellious and sleek.

That being said, I’ve decided to share seven minimalist jewelry brands that are distinctive and bold, while at the same time being friendly to your wallet.


Cinco is a Portuguese 925 silver jewelry brand that has some truly refreshing designs. It promotes simple elegance, but at the same time it adds a bit of the spice by combining vintage with trendy looks, which is rare in minimalist jewelry.

Cinco works with several artists, all of them locals, to foster authentic designs. They sell worldwide even if they produce locally.

Cinco ginger necklace

Ginger necklace


cinco l'ensemble earrings set

L’ensemble earrings set


Cinco elle choker

Elle choker



Mejuri’s motto is that luxury should be accessible rather than exclusive, and fun nonetheless. Equally important to this Canadian brand is that it promotes a fair markup instead of going by 8×10 industry standard markup. Mejuri’s pieces give away an ooze of luxury and grace, but without breaking your bank.

Mejuri layered disc bracelet

Layered disc bracelet


Mejuri 360 studs

360 studs


Mejuri bound necklace

Bound necklace


Bolino Jewellery

Bolino Jewellery is a unique Australian brand that caters toward individual style and expression. The brand prides itself on making uncommercialized jewelry and its designs sure speak for themselves. Combining timeless elegance with an unconventional look, Bolino’s pieces are both simplistic and exquisite, and better yet – emotionally powerful. The brand wants to give you something to remember in this fast-changing culture and trendsetting mania.


Bolino Jewellery

Bolino star and moon marble ring

Star and moon marble ring


Bolino two way wearing choker

Two way wearing choker


Bolino vintage natural shell wooden earrings

Bolino vintage natural shell wooden earrings



If you are leaning toward the budget friendly minimalist jewelry that will not compromise the quality for the price tag, then you should definitely check out Honeycat. This brand is fixed on offering value for your money with beautiful pieces crafted with love for stylish designs that will make you look pretty on day-to-day basis.

Simple, classic, and meaningful is their motto. Overall, basic essentials are the focal point of this brand.

Honeycat spike hopps

Spike hoops


Honeycat crossover x ring

Crossover x ring


Honeycat threader drop bar earrings

Threader drop bar earrings



If you’re someone who welcomes geometric designs in their jewelry, then this brand might be just what you’re looking for. Founded in Barcelona and currently operating out of Paris, AGJC is an ethically made jewelry brand that crafts delicate jewels with interesting designs.

Ranging from simplistic, practical, and clean look to uncommon and offbeat, you’ll be certain to find something of interest. Jewelry is super lightweight and dainty, but it makes a statement with its intriguing shapes.

AGJC silveer earrings circle interlocking a ring

Silver earrings circle interlocking a ring


AGJC geometric line ring

Geometric line ring


AGJC black and gold earrings

Black and gold earrings


Above the Average Studio

Founded in Toronto by Sarah Dunn, Above Average Studio goes by a simple mission statement of providing high quality and affordable jewelry to everyone.  Designs have a chic and understated look, and there is also a vintage collection with some added twist to it.  You’ll find plenty of hoops, pendants and other essentials.  The brand also incorporates pearls in a lot of its pieces for that lustrous look.

Above Average Studio vintage 80s pearl studs

Vintage 80s pearl studs


Above Average Studio claw studs

Claw studs


Above Average Studio disco hoop earrings

Disco hoop earrings



Love to layer? Gorjana’s got you covered!

Ranging from effortlessly chic to ultra-feminine, this Californian brand has plenty to offer. Apart from stackable rings and layering necklaces, Gorjana is also known for her statement chokers, power gemstone bracelets, and trendy studs. And all that on a budget too. What’s more, the brand also hosts semi-annual sales in January and July where you can find selected items up to 70% off the original price.

Gorjana blaboa shimmering necklace

Balboa shimmering necklace


Gorjana eloise gem drop hoops

Eloise gem drop hoops


Gorjana olympia ear climbers

Olympia ear climbers


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