Rubies: Intensity and Passion of a Red-Blooded Gem


Oh, where to begin…

There is a something deep and mysterious about Ruby that make it so incredibly captivating. I guess it starts with the color. Fiery red blooded and burgundy to brown color tones give this gemstone a different kind of look. The one of passion and superiority.

RubyRuby is said to be the gemstone of virtue and nobility. In fact, it is so highly regarded that the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for a sizable ruby. Now, I don’t know of any other gem that was able to surpass this trade deal.

Furthermore, ruby is also the most expensive colored gem, and can be rarer than diamond. It is ranked 9.0 at the Mohs scale of hardness.

For centuries, Myanmar (Burma) has been the main supplier of rubies, but today they are found in quite a few countries including Madagascar, Tanzania, Vietnam, Nepal, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. As for the Europe, the only country that has a naturally occurring ruby is The Republic of Macedonia.

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