Pearls: Rare, Beautiful, Living


Talk about unique! Pearls are the epitome of uniqueness, and if you’re looking for truly distinctive jewelry, you should look no further than this gorgeous gem.

While most pearls on the market today are cultured or even imitation, the real natural pearls are extremely rare, desirable, and – yes – expensive!

Cultured pearls are not to be confused with imitation pearls which are simply coated glass beads. Cultured pearls are still natural, they just refer to the pearls that grow in a man-controlled environment.

Pearls have several subcategories. From Freshwater to Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea – there is a whole world to be explored. Moreover, apart from the geographical denomination of pearls, there are plenty of other ways in which they can be identified and rated. Their rarity and value also depend on the luster, shape, size, and color among other things. There are several other factors to consider when evaluating pearls and these are only a few to start with.

Also, pearls are the only gem formed by the living creature – the oyster that is. There are some that form in mussels and clams too. The formation process takes place when an irritant, usually a grain of sand or a similar particle, enters the oyster. As a defense mechanism, the oyster starts releasing the fluid to coat the irritant. Several layers of coating, known as nacre, must be deposited before a beautiful lustrous peal is born.

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No other gem is this peculiar and special. Pearls are, indeed, the ultimate odd treasure to find.

When displaying several authentic qualities, pearls can be more expensive than diamonds. While other gems must be labored to be incorporated into jewelry pieces, the pearl shines its brightest when unrefined and untreated. Its beauty is in its personal identity. The traces of nature that grace it, are the highest testament to pearl’s beauty. This gem is all about personality and that is why I adore it!

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