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When it comes to jewelry, few things make more of a statement than well-played geometric shapes. Finding new ways to display old forms is a skill, but creatively combining art with science is a craft of its own.

Such is the story of two Argentinian born sisters with Brazilian roots, who gave birth to their unconventional jewelry brand known as Iskin Sisters. The brand was launched back in 2004 in Buenos Aires but soon after it was exported worldwide and is currently exhibited in numerous museums around the globe. MoMa New York, MoMa Tokyo, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and Houston Museum of Contemporary Art are just a few that carry Iskin Sisters jewelry.

What is particular about Iskin Sisters apart from the designs, is the overall concept behind the brand as well as the materials used. Jewelry designs are inspired by architecture, modern and contemporary art, and faraway travels. Materials are drawn from nature and include leather, suede, and acrylic among others.

All pieces are carefully hand finished and give away an air of ambiguity despite all the simplicity they carry. Jewels are lightweight and comfortable for all day wear, yet they are bold and fun all the same. They’re practical as much as they’re unconventional which makes them quite intriguing.

The brand was created with a modern woman in mind and is unapologetically futuristic. Jewelry can be dressed up or down, have casual or formal flair, worn to numerous occasions, and turn heads in any of those.

Below are just a few of my favorite pieces from different collections that capture well the essence of the brand. For more information and insight on the brand, visit its website at


Nature Collection


Petra Necklace from the Nature Collection, Iskin Sisters

Petra Necklace


Petra Earrings from Nature Collection, Iskin Sisters

Petra Earrings


Abstraction Collection


Abstraction V Necklace from Abstraction Collection, Iskin Sisters

Abstraction V Necklace


Kaia Earrings - Circle-Square from Abstraction Collection, Iskin Sisters

Kaia Earrings – Circle-Square


Bahus Earrings A, Abstraction Collection, Iskin Sisters

Bahus Earrings A


Mies Necklace Y from Abstraction Collection, Iskin Sisters

Mies Necklace Y


Element Collection


Rainbow Eyeglass Chain from Element Collection, Iskin Sisters

Rainbow Eyeglass Chain


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