Dramatic Diversity in Indian Jewelry


Indian Tribal jewelry is highly decorative and expressive, and it can be rather heavy and sizable.

Electric as it is earthy, this jewelry is fairly dramatic and makes quite a statement. Indian tribal jewelry is very broad in style too as it has an extensive list of tribes such as Banjara, Bastar, Arunachal Pradesh, and Khasi, among others.

Indian JewelryIndian tribes used raw materials in their jewelry including seeds, clay, leaves, and wood, but they also used other fine materials embracing silver and gold as well as many different stones.

This type of jewelry was usually seen in temples as it was made for tribes’ royalty that would often bring and leave it there as their offering to gods. Common themes in Indian tribal jewelry are gods and goddess figures, flowers, peacocks, dancers, and some more abstract themes like dots, waves, and zigzag patterns.

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