Four Hottest Pearl Jewelry Trends for 2021

Pearl Jewelry Trends 2021

Pearl is a queen of gems and a gem of queens and 2021 knows it! Not only are pearls alive and well, but they are turning out to be the biggest jewelry trend in the upcoming year.

The revival of pearls kicked off a couple of years ago when they started making headlines after a long pause.  Today, they are finally enjoying the comeback they deserve.

The Raise of Pearl Jewelry Trends

The fact that pearls are as popular as ever is supported by the content of all major fashion outlets from magazine editorials, to red carpets, and fashion shows.  New York Fashion Week was probably the first indicator that pearls will be one of the biggest jewelry trends in 2021.  Another evidence is provided by Fashion Allure stating the following: “It is expected that the global pearl jewelry market will grow by over 13% by 2025.”.  So, if you’re still holding onto the notion that pearls are a thing of the past, it’s time to leave those thoughts behind you and step up your game.

New York Fashion Week Jewelry Trends

Prabal Gurung at New York Fashion Week Fall 2020


Sources of Pearl Jewelry Trends

Rihanna Pearl Jewelry

Rihanna Wearing Pearls

Designers, celebrities, and style bloggers alike have all showed their inclinations toward pearl jewelry. Dolce&Gabbana, Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, Moschino, and Givenchy are just some of the fashion powerhouses that are investing in pearls for the next season.  Many celebrities have picked up on this trend and promoted it on several occasions.  Rhianna, Mariah Carey, Gigi Hadid, and others have been spotted rocking pearl jewelry on their latest whereabouts.  Furthermore, numerous high-end magazines have featured pearl jewelry as the ultimate fashion movement of 2021.  Among those are Cosmopolitan, Notorious-Mag, Fashion Allure, Powder Rooms, Glowsly, and Vogue.

Four Specific Pearl Jewelry Trends That Are Catching the Most Attention

1. Pearls on Chains

One of the hottest pearl jewelry trends for 2021 is undoubtfully pearls on chains.  There is something captivating about the femininity and elegance of pearls coupled with daringly bold chains.  The duality creates undeniable attractiveness and produces one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Pearls on Chains Necklace

Chanel Pearls on Chains Necklace Fall 2020/Winter 2021


Chanel Pearls on Chains

Chanel Pearls on Chains Necklace Fall 2020/Winter 2021


2. Bigger is Better

We have heard that less is more, but when it comes to 2021 jewelry trends, big pearl earrings are crushing these perceptions.  Particularly popular next year will be glamorous and ornamental pearl earrings.  Dangly gold and silver earrings embellished with pearls are one of the strongest fashion trends of the year to come.

Big Pearl Earrings

Big Pearl Earrings by Y/Project Spring/Summer 2021


High Fashion Pearl Earrings

Big Pearl Earrings by Paco Rabanne Spring/Summer 2021

3. Unique and Modern Pearls

More than just perfectly round pearls, designers are dabbing into the dreaminess of baroque and cornflakes pearls.  It isn’t without the reason that we say imperfections are perfect, and these pearls are a true testament of that.  Their beauty is in their unique shapes that don’t have a specific form to conform to. Baroque and cornflakes pearls go great with more casual outfits to complete the everyday look but are glamorous enough to accent your evening cocktail dress.  They look equally well on bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, and have a modern feel to top it off.

Tahitian Baroque Pearls Ring

Tahitian Baroque Pearls Cocktail Ring by Eragem


Eva Cornflake Necklace by Hazen & Co.

Eva Cornflake Necklace by Hazen & Co.

4. Classic Pearl Earrings

Of course, 2021 jewelry trends could not go without including one of the all-time favorite  pieces – the classic pearl earrings.  And this doesn’t refer to the stud earrings alone, but the simple drop earrings composed of a few pearls on a strand.  They fall nicely down your neck and have an air of elegance and sophistication.  The beauty of the classic pearl earrings is never underrated and 2021 is well aware of it.  And the best of all – you can wear it anywhere and with anything!

Oversized Pearl Studs

Carolina Herrera Oversized Classic Pearl Studs Spring/Summer 2021


Drop Pearl Earring

Single Classic Drop Pearl Earring by Marmi Spring/Summer 2021


Bringing It All Together 

So, there you have it!  These four  pearl jewelry trends will be the most dominant in 2021.  And judging from industry experts pearls are not going anywhere anytime soon.  If we recall Fashion Allure’s statement at the beginning of this article, it’s clear pearls are here to stay.

This leaves me with a question: what is your favorite piece of pearl jewelry?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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