Five Fashion Forward Jewelry Brands That Rock With Style

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique”, said Jennie Kwon and I couldn’t agree more. But amid all trending fashions of the moment, remaining authentic becomes increasingly harder. That is why I am very excited to share with you five innovative jewelry brands that are inspiring and worth a mention.

Rose Khbeis 

As its tagline “More Than Just a Label” suggests, Rose Khbeis truly is more than your typical conventional jewelry brand.

Half Colombian, half Middle Eastern – Rose uses many interesting shapes and patterns in her jewelry, but above all the ideas which she conveys are unique. This line is a crossover of the old and new worlds in the sense that it displays a lot of vibrancy and splendor of the Caribbean, while at the same time manifests the touch of seduction and obscurity from eastern lands. Rose also loves creating illusion in her jewelry to challenge our perception of reality.

You will see a lot of feathers and gold-plated material being used, along with stones such as onyx, turquoise, and Colombia’s native – emerald. Earrings are predominant with this line, although you can choose from rings, necklaces, bracelets, and chokers too. Some pieces tend to look bulky, but they are certainly not heavy. Plus in my book for sure!

Kukulkán Burgundy Earrings/Mother Pearl


Akre Earrings


Wendy Faye

In contrast to Rose Khbeis, Wendy Faye’s jewelry is rather minimalist and dainty, but just as innovative and original. Operating out of California, Wendy takes traditional pieces such as hoops and studs but adds a twist to it to show her personal touch. Some of her specialties are experimentation with various shapes as well as asymmetrical mismatched earrings whether they are mismatched in length, shape, material, or style.

And if you like pearls, you will certainly appreciate an occasional display of pearls in her jewelry, and in the most unusual and modern way too. They won’t necessarily be your typical freshwater or perfectly round Akoya pearls either, but baroque and black pearls nonetheless. You will also find plenty of studs and more classic pieces.

All jewelry is unique and customizable. Along with rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, Wendy also offers some cool anklets.

Pyramid Ring


Black Pearl Asymmetric Earring

Ileana Makri

Dare I say my favorite, Ileana Makri is a Greek fine line jewelry designer featuring intriguing and culturally rich jewelry. What she does best, besides exuding elegance and style in her jewelry, is incorporating symbolism as the main focus of her brand. And she does it in such a fascinating and striking way.

Ileana portrays themes such as animals, mostly snakes and serpents, in addition to other cultural symbols such as the evil eye, Fatma hand, the seed of life, and many more. She is a fan of precious stones and uses them often.  You will see ruby and emerald representing snake’s eyes for example, but you’ll also find some pieces with champagne and black diamonds.

Her jewelry is emotionally powerful and exceptionally detail oriented, that makes it – oh so – seductive. One of Ileana’s most impressive works is certainly her crying eyes collection, which she named her favorite motif. The prettiest piece in that collection is angry tear earrings.  They come in a few different versions  in terms of stones and colors; all equally stunning.  Simply put, these earrings are captivating and a true piece of art.

Cobra Ring Y-D-Ts


Angry Tear Earring P-CDH-BD-TS-BS


Angry Tear Earring P-CDH-BD-TS-BS

We Dream In Colour

We Dream in Colour is a lovely jewelry brand created by the US born and Trinidad and Tobago raised designer – Jade Gedeon. The brand has a bit of a vintage feel and an air of antiquity, but it also showcases some more modern pieces; even the extravagant ones. Additionally, given Jade’s education in Copenhagen, and influences from all over the worlds, she manages to combine many different concepts to design a worldly jewelry brand that has a little bit for everyone. You’ll be safe whether you are headed to the office or a night out with friends.

We Dream in Colour uses quite a bit of blue/greenish color to give jewelry that dreamy feel, but there are also a lot of gold inspired pieces, as well as the ones made from bras.  Some jewelry is hand painted, which is pretty cool.  Featured themes include seashells, botanical plants, galaxy objects, and occasional animals. Earrings are predominant with this brand, especially the dangly ones. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are available too, as well as hair pieces. Oh, and there are wholesale items too!

Bras Inka Necklace


Handpainted Parrot Earrings


Handpainted Parrot Earrings

Gresham Jewelry

Gresham Meeks is a Texas native that established her company which not only makes and sells cool jewelry, but also home décor, rugs, and different types of arts. Her jewelry style is more on the trendy side with an accessible price point, but with a lot of creativity and playfulness.  It features some interesting materials such as tortoise shell, for example.  More common materials are also present, including tassel and acrylic.  The jewelry offers plenty of colors and shapes, so you are almost certain to find something that suits you, especially for this summer season. You can choose from variety of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Wholesale items are also available.

Slider Eye Bracelet


Corazon Cool Tones Earrings

I hope you enjoyed the read and discovered something that goes with your style and needs. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts, or send us your questions by filling out the form on our contact page.

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