Five Authentic Contemporary Jewelry Brands to Know About

Nagicia Root Cuff Cover Image

Contemporary jewelry understandably represents majority of today’s jewelry market. And with the record time evolving trends, we understand the pressure to stay up to date on the latest and the greatest in the industry. However, despite the ultimate fashion agendas and marketing campaigns, there is an ever-enduring struggle to remain authentic and find a way to self-expression.

The good news is that there are still designers out there whose vision and guts still give us hope that originality is not yet completely gone.

That being said, check out these five unique jewelry brands that are crushing it while staying true to their code.

Vanessa Mooney

Edgy is the word that comes to mind when describing Vanessa Mooney’s jewelry. Her style is bold and concepts daring. From animal kingdom necklaces to cross motif earrings, and dashing charms, Vanessa Mooney is looking to leave a lasting impression. Jewelry is fun and playful, but not light in the slightest sense. It goes deeper than what meets the eye. Strong symbolism paired with a modern look is what makes it stand out. What’s more, despite portraying beachy vibes and casual look at times, Vanessa’s jewels are oozing with femininity. Bold indeed.

The Medusa Earrings


The Double Cross Earrings


Claudette Earrings



MORA is a unique brand that offers carefully selected modern jewelry created by over 30 different artists. Jewelry embodies a strong sense of individuality and a touch of sophistication. Designs are truly original and creative in the sense that they are and are made using traditional metalworking techniques rather than the latest technologies. You can really count on finding distinctive pieces with this brand. Unburdened with the latest trends, brand founder Marthe Le Van, is a Louisiana native who is dedicated to breaking the mainstream fashion agenda and incorporating more of the creative, fashion forward, and distinguishing designs.

Tiny Hands Ring


Storm Cloud Earrings


Boundary Lines Bib Necklace


Moon Raven

Inspired by nature, this super unconventional and quirky band is distinct in its designs just as much as its themes. Animal motifs are no new trick in contemporary jewelry, but Moon Raven takes it to a whole new level. How about an octopus rings or otter necklace? Well, Moon Raven’s got you covered. Whether you are a nature lover, mystic, anatomy guru, or Vikings fan, you can count on this brand to showcase it in its collections. So, dare to explore with this offbeat brand.

Horse Hoof Ring


Sideways Octopus Ring


Claw Talon Bracelet



Nagicia jewels are endowed with mysticism. They have a rather enigmatic look and an air of romanticism. Moreover, they manage to appear both contemporary and antique all at once. Perhaps it has to do with brand’s place of origin. Tricia Kim, founder of the brand, is a talented jewelry designer that worked for John Hardy before breaking though on her own. She moved to Bali in late 90s and started designing jewels inspired by Indonesia’s nature while still incorporating her knowledge of modern jewelry crafts. Ultimately, it led to this distinct brand that guarantees you to look different no matter the occasion.

Bali Starling Necklace


Wings Ear Jacket


Bali Starling Earstuds



Socially conscious and ethically made, SOKO is modern, simplistic, and cool. Working with and empowering numerous marginalized artisans, SOKO’s jewelry stands out through innovative designs. Frequently featuring geometrical shapes with minimal aesthetics, the brand has an effortless yet strong look. Jewelry is versatile and can be worn on so many occasions and combined with multitude of outfits. It complements any look and it is utterly chic on top of it all.

Jasmine Statement Earrings


Open Square Statement Ring


Wimbi Statement Bracelet

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