Berber Jewelry

The Mysterious Beauty of Berber Jewelry

By Ileana January 26, 2021

There is something oddly curious about Berber jewelry.  It has this rare intensity that captivates instantly.  But as electric as it is, it transcends the visual.  Perduring through centuries of geopolitical conquests and colonization, it survived the test of time…

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AYAM Africa – Where Jewelry and Humanitarianism Meet

By Ileana June 19, 2020

As I’ve said many times, there is something immensely deep about tribal jewelry.  It goes beyond what meets the eye.  Its profoundness lays in civilizations it comes from, cultures it represents, people it celebrates.  In a way, it is a…

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Tribal Jewelry: Back to Our Roots

By Ileana December 20, 2018

Tribal or ethnic jewelry, as some might refer to it, has long been the point of my interest. There is a certain magical feel and mystique to it as it holds the key to our humanity. Our struggles and progress…

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Native American Jewelry

Mysteriousness and Authenticity of Native American Jewelry

By Ileana December 10, 2018

Native American jewelry is a world of its own. It really differs from all other ethnic jewelry. A strong sense of individualism and a dose of mysteriousness is what sets it apart from the rest. Several Native American tribes were…

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