Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

By Ileana March 9, 2022

Pearl jewelry has come a long way since its traditional beginnings and so did wholesale pearl jewelry.  While remaining classic, its signature trademark, pearl jewelry has gotten more modernized in recent years.  Never losing its glamour and effortless elegance, it…

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Tahitian Pearl

All About June Birthstone: Discover Pearl Types and Their Formation

By Ileana June 15, 2021

It is difficult to imagine more of a household name gem than pearl.  Yet, not everyone might know that pearl is the traditional birthstone for June. The traditional list of birthstones originated in Poland between 16th and 18th centuries.  Today’s…

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Jewelry Cleaning

How to Clean Your Jewelry Like an Expert

By Ileana April 6, 2021

Spring has arrived in full force and with it comes the spring cleaning.  Apart from your closet cleaning routine, you might be revisiting abandoned jewelry boxes.  Or perhaps you have special occasion jewelry you haven’t worn in a while and…

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Pearl Jewelry Trends 2021

Four Hottest Pearl Jewelry Trends for 2021

By Ileana December 14, 2020

Pearl is a queen of gems and a gem of queens and 2021 knows it! Not only are pearls alive and well, but they are turning out to be the biggest jewelry trend in the upcoming year. The revival of…

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Ashley McNamara - An Owner and CEO of Pure Pearls

Exclusive Interview with Ashley McNamara – an Owner and CEO of Pure Pearls

By Ileana July 2, 2019

As classic as pearls are, they are just as enigmatic. Which, off course, only adds to their charm. What’s more – they are multifaceted! They’ll go with just about any outfit and live up to any occasion. Be it a…

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Pearls: Rare, Beautiful, Living

By Ileana January 25, 2019

Talk about unique! Pearls are the epitome of uniqueness, and if you’re looking for truly distinctive jewelry, you should look no further than this gorgeous gem. While most pearls on the market today are cultured or even imitation, the real…

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