Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

By Ileana March 9, 2022

Pearl jewelry has come a long way since its traditional beginnings and so did wholesale pearl jewelry.  While remaining classic, its signature trademark, pearl jewelry has gotten more modernized in recent years.  Never losing its glamour and effortless elegance, it…

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Pearl Eyes by Dior - Resort 2022 Show

Seven Pearl Jewelry Trends for 2022: The Pearl Revolution Continues

By Ileana December 7, 2021

2021 saw a massive rise of pearl jewelry trends and 2022 is not only expanding on it but taking it to a whole different level!  The pearl revolution is spreading at the speed of light and the world is taking…

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Foxy Pearl Jewelry Naga Hoops Gold

Hoop Earrings Are More Than a Trend

By Ileana October 5, 2021

Is there anything cooler than an image of Sade rocking an open-back dress and a pair of gold hoop earrings while singing Smooth Operator?  OK, maybe it’s her signing The Sweetest Taboo in an orange blazer, 80s jeans, and –…

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Jewelry Cleaning

How to Clean Your Jewelry Like an Expert

By Ileana April 6, 2021

Spring has arrived in full force and with it comes the spring cleaning.  Apart from your closet cleaning routine, you might be revisiting abandoned jewelry boxes.  Or perhaps you have special occasion jewelry you haven’t worn in a while and…

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Eight Cool Minimalist Jewelry Brands to Know About

By Ileana August 18, 2020

With summer slowly fading away and fall knocking at our door, we are bound to step into a new season by reinventing our look and style.  Cleaning out our closets in search of a warmer wardrobe can be therapeutic in…

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Breaking the Misconceptions of Clip-on Earrings and Discovering the Benefits of Wearing Them

By Ileana August 4, 2020

Did you know that between 10 and 20 percent of American women do not have their ears pierced? This was reported by Chicago Tribune in one of their 2005 issues.  For someone who has multiple ear piercings, I found this…

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OfR Jewelry, Rosa Collection

Interview with Olga Kosica, the Creator of OfR Jewelry

By Ileana May 11, 2020

When my friend first told me about OfR Jewelry, I immediately got curious.  A brand that uses 3D printing to create jewels, draws inspiration from supernatural worlds, and plays with mysticism in its designs is sure an exciting find for…

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Iskin Sisters – Innovative Jewelry for Modern Day Woman

By Ileana April 28, 2020

When it comes to jewelry, few things make more of a statement than well-played geometric shapes. Finding new ways to display old forms is a skill, but creatively combining art with science is a craft of its own. Such is…

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Discover The Ultimate Stylish Finds From Adina’s Jewels – Spring 2020

By Ileana February 26, 2020

Bold statements, street fashion, and simple elegance – Adina’s Jewels has it all in stock!  The #1 online jewelry store, and rightfully so, offers multitude of stylish finds that any jewelry lover would be excited to flaunt. The brand features…

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