The Legends and Tales of Onyx – Possibly the Darkest Gem

By Ileana September 27, 2018

Widely considered the oldest of all stones, onyx has a rich history and a long list of attributed powers. The gem’s name comes from the Greek word “onyx” meaning fingernail, which is rooted into the Greek legend. It is believed…

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Opal: The Rainbow-like Gemstone

By Ileana September 20, 2018

With such mesmerizing colors, opal is truly one-of-a-kind gem. Colors have a pearly luster and can range from colorless to white, yellow, blue, green, pink, red, brown, gray, and black just to name a few, but there is the abundance…

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Peridot: The Golden Gem of Egypt

By Ileana September 16, 2018

At times overlooked in the gemstone world, peridot is nothing short of spectacular natural occurrence. If anything, the way this gem is formed is glorious at the very least. Just like diamond, it forms as a result of pressure but…

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Sophistication and Earthiness of a Garnet

By Ileana September 4, 2018

Sensual and earthy, garnet has been the point of interest of many jewelers throughout centuries. Its rich red color is similar to Ruby’s, yet it is distinguishable by its unique luster. Even the word garnet comes from the Greek word…

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Coral: The Secrets of Deep Waters

By Ileana August 27, 2018

The splendor of the eye-catching red color and its vibrating energy is what defines coral. Formed in deep waters, usually over 500 feet, coral is an organic gem. Unlike most gems that are formed by minerals, coral is formed by…

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Diamonds: The Epitome of Brightness and Strength

By Ileana August 17, 2018

The hardest natural substance, also known as diamond, is the most famous and commonly known gem across the world. First diamonds were discovered some 2,400 years ago in India. The country dominated the production until South African deposits were discovered…

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Aquamarine: Still Waters Have its Charm and Hide Treasure

By Ileana August 12, 2018

As its name suggests, aquamarine’s bright and serene blue color resembles the waters of the sea. The root of the name is derived from the Greek words “aqua” meaning water and “marina” meaning the sea. Therefore, this gem is believed…

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The Magic Spell of Emerald

By Ileana August 7, 2018

How about a gemstone that is said to help foresee the future and has a bit of that magic spell? Such is the story of an emerald. This stunning gemstone was first discovered in Egypt around 330 B.C. and was…

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