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Native American Jewelry

Mysteriousness and Authenticity of Native American Jewelry

December 10, 2018

Native American jewelry is a world of its own. It really differs from all other ethnic jewelry. A strong sense of individualism and a dose of mysteriousness is what sets it apart from the rest. Several Native American tribes were…

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Tourmaline: The Endless Scheme of Colors

October 20, 2018

From a geological standpoint tourmaline is a large group of baron silicate minerals. In a jewelry world, it is one of the most beautiful and color rich gems. There are 32 individually named minerals that comprise tourmaline. Therefore, tourmaline can…

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Peridot: The Golden Gem of Egypt

September 16, 2018

At times overlooked in the gemstone world, peridot is nothing short of spectacular natural occurrence. If anything, the way this gem is formed is glorious at the very least. Just like diamond, it forms as a result of pressure but…

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