Discover The Ultimate Stylish Finds From Adina’s Jewels – Spring 2020

By Ileana / February 26, 2020

Bold statements, street fashion, and simple elegance – Adina’s Jewels has it all in stock!  The #1 online jewelry store, and rightfully so, offers multitude of stylish finds that any jewelry lover would be excited to rock.  The brand features some truly staggering collections with so much variety to choose from.  My personal favorites are…

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Nagicia Root Cuff Cover Image

Five Authentic Contemporary Jewelry Brands to Know About

By Ileana / November 12, 2019

Contemporary jewelry understandably represents majority of today’s jewelry market. And with the record time evolving trends, we understand the pressure to stay up to date on the latest and the greatest in the industry. However, despite the ultimate fashion agendas and marketing campaigns, there is an ever-enduring struggle to remain authentic and find a way…

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International Gem & Jewelry Show-Houston

By Ileana / October 7, 2019

It’s that time again! International Gem & Jewelry Show is back in Houston for the last quarter of the year.  It will be held from October 18-20 at the NRG Stadium. This is a not-to-miss event for all jewelry lovers, independent jewelry business owners, and wholesalers. The selection has always been great, and this time…

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multiple brooches

A History and Evolution of Brooches

By Ileana / September 25, 2019

Broches did not start out as jewels. Yet, I find them to be the most fascinating jewelry pieces ever made. For one, they are not limited to any specific part of the body, shape, or form. This gives them the creative freedom and makes them stand out. And still, they are the only jewelry objects…

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Seven Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brands That You’ll Love

By Ileana / September 8, 2019

Minimalist jewelry is as popular as it’s ever been. And even if it isn’t an entirely new fashion concept, it’s been only about five years since it started gaining significant exposure. Partially due to bloggers and celebrities alike, this type of jewelry saw a lot of press coverage beginning 2014 onward. Many brands built their…

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medical bracelets final image

Medical ID Bracelets in the Jewelry World

By Ileana / July 31, 2019

Medical ID bracelets have been in use for a few decades now, yet not many of us might be familiar with the concept. Developed in 1953, they served a practical purpose and were by no means considered fashionable jewelry items. So, what exactly are they? The Purpose of Medical ID Bracelet The purpose of medical…

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Ashley McNamara - An Owner and CEO of Pure Pearls

Exclusive Interview with Ashley McNamara – an Owner and CEO of Pure Pearls

By Ileana / July 2, 2019

As classic as pearls are, they are just as enigmatic. Which, off course, only adds to their charm. What’s more – they are versatile! You’ll see them on just about any outfit and living up to any occasion. Be it a casual night out, running errands type of a day, fancy dinner, or a royal…

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Five Fashion Forward Jewelry Brands That Rock With Style

By Ileana / June 16, 2019

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique”, said Jennie Kwon and I couldn’t agree more. But amid all trending fashions of the moment, remaining authentic becomes increasingly harder. That is why I am very excited to share with you some innovative jewelry brands that are inspiring…

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Tanzanite: Mind-Blowing Facts of the Ultimate Rare Gem

By Ileana / May 22, 2019

My favorite gemstone by far and a slight obsession ever since I spotted it while vacationing in Tanzania, has turned 50 last year. 2018 marked half a century from the first time tanzanite was introduced on the commercial market. Since then its popularity skyrocketed; to the point that the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) decided…

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Pearls: Rare, Beautiful, Living

By Ileana / January 25, 2019

Talk about unique! Pearls are the epitome of uniqueness, and if you’re looking for truly distinctive jewelry, you should look no further than this gorgeous gem. While most pearls on the market today are cultured or even imitation, the real natural pearls are extremely rare, unique and – yes – expensive! Cultured pearls are not…

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